My biggest Challenge

I have run a few races, swam a few miles, and biked and biked and biked and love the obstacles that it presents me.  However, my biggest challenge is weight gain.  Im told i am a 150 wet which is true.  I am told that i need to slow down and then i will gain weight (that isn’t going to happen)  I find if i am not training about every eight hours you don’t want to be around me.  I love pushing myself.  The key is my calories and what type of foods i am eating.  I try and balance between 6000-8000 calories a day but sometimes i find that I am eating just to eat and the quality of food that I am eating isn’t always the greatest.  Any recommendations?


Finding the strength to run

Kudos to Nurse Rachett yesterday.  After several attempts trying to draw blood she finally managed to do so while leaving me a sweet bruise.  In all honesty you have to admit the idea for a diabetic you can never really get used to and extremely comfortable with needles.

I thought i would post a few of the races i am signed up for:

2/20 ft steilacoomb run

3.6 Spring forward 5k

3/13 st pattys marathon

3/20 20 mile ft steilacoomb

3/27 Birch Bay 30k

I need to find a few good events for April

5/2 Eugene Marathon

5/15 Reach to Beach (endurance cycling event)

5/16 Capital City Marathon

5/22 Tour De Cure

5/31 Super Jock and Jill Half Marathon

6/5 Issaquah Sprint Tri

6/12 Boise Half Ironman

6/19 Tour De Blast

6/26 Rock n roll Marathon Seattle

7/4 Steilacoom run

7/10 Kent Tri

7/17 STP to do in one day

7/23-7/24 Ragnar Northwest Passage with team 2 fat 10 furious

8/7 Coeur De Lane Tri

8/21-8/22 Ragnar Relay with Insulindepdenence team

8/28 Lake Sammish Tri


Wisconsin Ironman (Full)


10.2 Levanworth Marathon

10.10 Royal victoria Marathon


11.27 Seattle Marathon 5k

11.28 Seattle Marathon

I still have yet a few more gaps to fill in but here is a start to the year.  Looking forward to it.

A thought

LaLa eager to see the Nutcracker

The power of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing. -Bill Pascal-

As i read through blogs and listen to others stories both good and bad of how diabetes has influenced their lives.  I gain a better understanding of what I need to do.  I want to help, i want to encourage, strengthen and uplift.  This world is filled with too many negatives.  It is fueled with sarcasm, hate, anything with a negative connotation its there.  It is all to often to easy to find an excuse.

Im glad a came across Peter Nerothin at Their program designed to encourage and uplift fellow diabetics to achieve their athletic dreams is a phenomenal concept.  The idea of peer to peer networking to discuss and share with others what works and doesn’t to give tips and most important to revile in the success of their accomplishing their individual goals.  I am proud to be associated with such great individuals that are bringing a positive light into a negative situation.

Meaning of life

As I ponder about my life and what I want out of it I try and reflect what meaning it has behind it. I know what mychristian beliefs are but I want to look at it from a non religious view. I honestly feel we in this life are supposed to be happy. We are thrown so many curve balls with challenges it’s our outlook on those challenges is what determines if we are going to be happy. Diabetes is one of my challenges and I have made it a personal goal to not let it slow me down but to also help others enjoy life. I lost a patient this week due to he being unhappy and deciding to end his life early. It sadens me to see what he is missing, even more so I can relate not the the thoughts of ending my life but to the thoughts of sadness. I personally want to help others and be a beacon to help and aid my friends to enjoy life and through that achieve their dreams.
Run hard, train smart and smile

The push for a cure

For those of you who know me.  Know that my wife and I just recently had a baby this last October.  As Westin has joined us and we continue to adjust to having three wonderful children.  It was brought to our attention that my son carries the gene that makes him susceptible to having type one diabetes.  I guess all my offspring one way or another can carry that gene making them susceptible to having this life long challenge.  Today i read a blog that discussed type one diabetes and it being a negative thing (which i wouldnt wish it upon anyone), but why focus on the negative of something that cant be fixed.  To be honest i am glad I am diagnosed with it.  I like the challenge of being able to go and do the things i do and honestly able to say that diabetes has not slowed me down at all.  I wont let it slow me down.  In fact i run, cycle and swim because i love to.  The icing on the cake is showing other fellow diabetics that it is not the end of the line.  That life doesn’t end at the diagnoses the trick to it is making it as “normal” as possible, but honestly what is normal.  Everyone is faced with their individual trials.  Those who have asthma overcome their problems and make the most of their situation and become olympic gold medalist.  Those who have cancer become 7 time winners of cycling events that most couldn’t even spend a day doing.  Why focus on what you cant because you really can.  If i listened to what people said when i was first diagnosed id still being pumping anti-depressants down and living a life that was bland and boring and not normal.

Back to the children we may never find a cure for what plagues us, but we can improve the quality of life through our example to achieve our dreams and not find excuses to not go and make dreams come true.

Hello world!

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